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MJ IPhone13
Caviar Autograph edition



E’ singolare come in un periodo come questo ci si imbatta in un prodotto che arriva direttamente dal mercato Russo e precisamente da “Caviar Royal Gift”, azienda specializzata in articoli di lusso. Se avete quasi 25 mila euro da parte, potete investirli in questo esclusivo (e “al momento” non sembrano esserci tutti i crismi necessari per ritenerlo un prodotto ufficiale ) Iphone 13 griffato Michael Jackson.


The one and only king of pop, who is loved all over the world. They hate him. They idolize him. They worship him and want to be like him. Of course, it’s Michael Jackson!

His personality is something phenomenal and unimaginable. Even today, his music is loved in all corners of the globe, and his dance shows drive millions of viewers crazy. Real battles unfold at auctions of rare items among collectors: buying a personal item of Michael Jackson is an incredible success!

Just for you, we purchased a real exclusive item at a private auction – a card signed by Michael Jackson himself – and integrated it into your future smartphone.Signed by the King of Pop, this custom model is crafted from impact-resistant black PVD titanium and adorned with a relief satin pattern.

To the right of the camera block is the musician’s corporate logo. In the center of the composition under the protective glass hides the original signature of Michael Jackson.This is not just a smartphone.

This is a real relic, which is incredibly valuable now, and in the future will become a real exclusive collectors item.

Source: https://caviar.global/collections/autograph/autograph-michael-jackson_id27907/